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Website Developers VS Templates: Which Should You Use?

You’re running a business, and as a modern businessperson you know that a website is key to business success in modern times. After all, the first place customers go to look for goods and services is the internet. But now you are faced with a choice: do you invest in the services of a web development company, or do you take the cheaper route with templates?

What you get with templates

Templates offer you a quick and easy way to put a website together. Everything you need from themes and fonts to functionality is right there. It all depends on which sources and templates you use.

Using a template instead of a website developer means that you don’t have to pay somebody else to do the work, since you’re doing it yourself. You might just have to pay a small fee for the template, and the usual fees for the domain. And just like that, you can have your very own website.

But what happens when something goes wrong, or you want something new to keep your viewers happy?

What you get with web development companies

By making use of web developers you offer your viewers an entirely different experience. Rather than just having a very simple site that has no special features, web developers can build a site that shows off your business’s unique personality.

Think about it: you might want a certain colour scheme with specific imagery and custom buttons and menus. It sounds like a tall order, but developers have the skills to make it happen. Your site will have all the functionality and support you need, and should anything ever go wrong or need an update, you have access to the professionals who will do it for you.

You will be investing in the site you want, not just a basic site that does the bare minimum. And trust me, from a marketing point of view, websites that look more professional and unique show far greater results.

A little extra to make you a cut above the rest

Using professional services gets you a lot more than just a website. By going to a web development and digital marketing company you get marketing expertise added into the process of building your website. Everything from exceptionally written content to SEO-friendly wording that gets your site ranked on searches is at your disposal.