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Some Mistakes That PHP Developers Make

  • Using Single Instead of Double Quotes and Vice-Versa

Skilled programming developers need to decide smartly which quotes to use for their project. As a professional developer, you should always use double quotes as they are easy to use when concatenating strings. No need for using dot values and dealing with escaping characters, as double quotes are able to describe everything without any hassle. However, the single quote is faster in gaining results as it takes less time to process.

  • Avoiding Database Caching

Whenever you use a database in your application of PHP, it is highly recommended and advised by professionals to use some sort of database caching. If you are working on PHP and it’s going into production, you ought to use the caching system.

From a whole list of systems, Memcached comes out to be one of the most popular and effective caching systems. Do not worry about your pocket as it is free and provides you software with noteworthy gains.

  • No Limit Set on PHP Scripts

Assumptions are often made of ultimately finishing off the PHP scripts, once run, on time. If you are a professional and skilled programmer, you