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One Click Web Login

One of most popular is free Add-on iMacros for Firefox browser. It could be used by everyone without knowledge of programming. Your usual mouse movements and keyboard data are simply recorded by iMacros into special macro file. After that you need just one click to perform all recorded procedure.

When browsing internet you often performs the great sequence of commands for many routine tasks.

Entering e-mail box, social network accounts and great number of other sites you have to submit first name, last name, username, e-mail, password, home address, etc.

Instead of repeating those commands every time you can create a macros that will perform this sequence.

It is possible to record any procedure you do within web browser even with demo version of iOpius. Other words macro script allows you to enter a single command or let say just one click to perform the all recorded task.

Moreover you don’t need to learn any program language because you don’t care how it works. Just save in the memory mouse or keyboard movements with macro recorder.

Another advantage of using macros – presence of user is unnecessary.

If macro script is too long to perform the job and it requires considerable time to run you can do something else, or switch to another application. You can record, edit and play back mouse and keyboard commands.

Do your online daily work pleasant easier and faster. Save your time with iMacros.

You can find absolutely free simple macros for couple of social network sites (Twitter, Twiends, Twittfame, Facebook etc.) All scripts are updated. It is just for start up of course.