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Monthly Archives: March 2017

One Click Web Login

One of most popular is free Add-on iMacros for Firefox browser. It could be used by everyone without knowledge of programming. Your usual mouse movements and keyboard data are simply recorded by iMacros into special macro file. After that you need just one click to perform all recorded procedure.

When browsing internet you often performs the great sequence of commands for many routine tasks.

Entering e-mail box, social network accounts and great number of other sites you have to submit first name, last name, username, e-mail, password, home address, etc.

Instead of repeating those commands every time you can create a macros that will perform this sequence.

It is possible to record any procedure you do within web browser even with demo version of iOpius. Other words macro script allows you to enter a single command or let say just one click to perform the all recorded task.

Moreover you don’t need to learn any program language because you don’t care how it works. Just save in the memory mouse or keyboard movements with macro recorder.

Another advantage of using macros – presence of user is unnecessary.

If macro script is too long to perform the job and it requires considerable time to run you can do something else, or switch to another application. You can record, edit and play back mouse and keyboard commands.

Do your online daily work pleasant easier and faster. Save your time with iMacros.

You can find absolutely free simple macros for couple of social network sites (Twitter, Twiends, Twittfame, Facebook etc.) All scripts are updated. It is just for start up of course.

Hire a SharePoint Developer

Creating appropriate features is crucial: Hiring an expert SharePoint developer is very important as you may need to add crucial features and getting them correct is vital. Unlike drop box, where one can create account, download the application and then continue with the process, SharePoint needs a long term strategy before the documents are incorporated. One has to properly think about the architecture, sub-site architecture, security groups and access permissions. Metadata configurations and site navigation should not be at all ignored. The platform needs a professional’s input when it is all about appropriate planning and maintenance.

Reduced business cost: SharePoint developers are able to create unique business solutions that help to co-ordinate in the best manner and share information with others. Hiring such developers helps to leverage the features that ensure the company retains a creative and competitive edge. The latest features that the platform offers are greatly applicable within the business sector.

Keep up with the market demands: If you are unable to meet the business needs effectively, then it is likely that you will remain behind your competitors. Since, technology is continuously evolving with new customization and applications; it becomes vital to hire experts for the purpose of maintenance and software updates.

Significant returns on investments: The prime target of every business is to enhance the profits and decrease the losses. When a company decides to integrate SharePoint into their other enterprise applications like finance or supply chain, an expert developer helps to lower the development cost and increase the output of the application.

User Interface Design Ways

Follow the contrast rule

If you are using colors in your application, you need to ensure that text on your panels is clearly readable. You need to follow the ‘Contrast Rule’ while choosing color schemes. Use dark color text on light backgrounds and light color text on dark backgrounds. Reading blue text on white background is easy as compared to red background.

Easy navigation between screens

Easy switching from one screen to another within a mobile app is necessary to avoid losing visitors. Design a simple navigation pattern and place it on top and left of a page. If logo appears on every screen, link it to the home page. People tend to read in left to right and top to bottom direction. Thus, it is advised to organize elements in this manner. User interface flow diagrams can be developed to further understand the flow during designing phase.

Understand the ‘UI’ widgets

Suitable widget should be used for the right task to further increase consistency within your application. In order to learn how to use widgets, you need to read and understand the user-interface standards and guidelines an organization has adopted.

Explain the rules

Your app users need to understand the direction of flow of work within the application. If it works consistently, it means you need to explain the rules only once. This is a lot easier approach than explaining step-by-step working of each feature.

Align fields effectively

You need to organize fields on a single screen in a way that is both appealing and efficient. The best way to do so is to select ‘Justify’ setting. You should left justify edit fields and its corresponding labels should be right justified and placed along the field. This is a clean and mannered way to organize the fields on a screen.

Use suitable fonts

Use fonts that are easier to read from a distance such as Times Roman,Serif fonts etc. Font style should be readable and font size should be hierarchical i.e. large for heading, small for sub headings and extra small for content text. In addition, use font consistently across whole screen to ensure an appealing design.

Some Mistakes That PHP Developers Make

  • Using Single Instead of Double Quotes and Vice-Versa

Skilled programming developers need to decide smartly which quotes to use for their project. As a professional developer, you should always use double quotes as they are easy to use when concatenating strings. No need for using dot values and dealing with escaping characters, as double quotes are able to describe everything without any hassle. However, the single quote is faster in gaining results as it takes less time to process.

  • Avoiding Database Caching

Whenever you use a database in your application of PHP, it is highly recommended and advised by professionals to use some sort of database caching. If you are working on PHP and it’s going into production, you ought to use the caching system.

From a whole list of systems, Memcached comes out to be one of the most popular and effective caching systems. Do not worry about your pocket as it is free and provides you software with noteworthy gains.

  • No Limit Set on PHP Scripts

Assumptions are often made of ultimately finishing off the PHP scripts, once run, on time. If you are a professional and skilled programmer, you will not assume such things as a piece of code cannot provoke you. To solve this issue, you can simply set a time limit on a script (set_time_limit). While this may seem like a minor issue, it is always smart to plan for the worst.